dani_larin: Slightly shopped from comic by roommate's friend (Default)
( Aug. 19th, 2009 10:47 pm)
So I kinda failed yesterday and a few days ago with posting, but whatever. It was the middle of hell-week, and I'm still exhausted.

I've gotta do a sum up of Comet Camp and Success Camp, but I think I'll do that tomorrow. Right now I'm so goddamn tired that I can barely type.

Uhn. And I don't want to see many people. Also may have done something serious to my foot... may go to the Health Center to get it checked out. >_<

Shoot me now. I'm so dead tired. Only up I can think of... I get paid tomorrow! Well, and classes start, and that's cool too. But I'm really glad that OTM stuff is done. It's time for a new school year. Or at least semester.