This was it. My last orientation. I'm honestly really surprised, but it definitely was an amazing orientation. I absolutely love every one of the new students that I met, and I can't wait to see them all around campus.

And, for once, I actually did soak my feet in really hot water when I got back to my apartment. ^^ It felt SO nice.

But I think I'm gonna keep this short, cuz work day tomorrow at 10, and I'm gonna get to sleep early and then shower in the morning.

Yaaaaaaaaay much fun stuff. And I also think I might look in to asking the 'rents for a free texting plan, because I'm starting to use it more and more as an actually medium of communication, and I'm kinda concerned about how many messages I'm actually sending and receiving.

Well, I guess that's really it for right now. I'm really, really tired.

OH!!!! Ponyo!!!! SO. CUTE. It was totally awesome to go and see it in english at midnight. Stupid plan, but also awesome plan. And, I don't care if people hate them or their siblings... I really actually like the voices of Sosuke (Frankie Jonas) and Ponyo (Noah Cyrus), and even the song they sing at the end was epic. Went and found it somewhere online today. =D

And yes, I DID hear Mona Marshall in there. I'm such a dork for being able to pick her out of a bunch of voices, but I did. I was like "That old woman sounds kinda like Izzy." ... >_>.

But I think people should go see Ponyo. It's really adorable, and the dub was a good, quality dub. They even kept the honorifics. Or at least some of them. "Toki-san" and "Sensei", plus others, of course.

Alright. Sleep. G'night. ^^

Quote of the Day: *Hisaishi's Ponyo ending song playing in background of credits*
Chrispy: I want to go back home and write a rock version of this song on my guitar...