So, I've decided that I'm going to try to update this a little more than I do with my LJ... but we'll see how that goes. I won't be anywhere near signal OR internet while at Comet Camp (16th-18th) so of course no updates then, but I think I'm gonna try to keep a log of what happens so I can keep everything straight. That'd be fun. ^^

In other new, I have finished my last first day of orientation, and it was pretty funkin' awesome. My small group, while HUGE in comparison to previous small groups (20+ vs. 10-15), was pretty awesome. They asked a lot of intelligent questions, were willing to play a little, and WHOOSHED OMG. Like... they were SO LOUD. It was TOTALLY THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!!! I was SO excited. They blew everyone else out of the water, and I just was like "OMG, I LOVE YOU GUYS." =D

I met a bunch of cool people today, like Donovan and his family, and then OMGCATIE!!!!! One of my old friends from high school showed up EARLY this morning, and ran into some of the other OTMs first. They saw her name tag and were apparently like "Oh, you're from Spring? One of our OTMs is from Spring. Alyssa." Catie: "Ally-Kat?!" OTM: "Yup!" Insert squealing here.

I came in the room right after this and yelled: "CATIE?!" and then totally flying tackle glomped her. I was (and still am) SO. FUNKING. EXCITED. I wasn't expecting her, and that just made it totally awesome. We spent what time we could catching up, and we're probably going to do a lot more of that over the next year. Or two. =D

So... not only did I meet cool people, and refind old friends, but like... it was just really fun. It was a good last orientation. Cuz yup, this is it for me. After this, I am no longer an employee of New Student Programs. But, as we always say, "Once an OTM, ALWAYS an OTM." And OTMs always watch out for each other, even if you're not an employed OTM anymore. So thing's will be pretty awesome, I think. I'm looking forward to this next semester/year/two years.

But... I think I'm gonna go grab a quick dinner/snack/thing before Brittney gets here. We're gonna go see Ponyo tonight, since it's the opening of it.

GO SEE PONYO!!!!! It's going to be terribly cute, and I'm excited to see what it will be like in English. And then I'm going to come back home and CRASH. Like a puppy. And then get up early tomorrow and do more OTMing. And then it's vacuuming, packing, and we're headed to Comet Camp.

Okay, gonna really go now. Food is good.
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