So, I finally signed up for a Dreamwidth account. [personal profile] cyanwitch got a free invite, so I asked her to send it to me, though it took me weeks to actually use it. ^^'

Anyways, I don't know how to start this off... the last time I changed journals was because of a boy who knew my old one who I didn't want to talk to ever again. I actually have talked to him since, but regardless... my first post in my now old/current journal is something about starting fresh... and I guess that's still what I want here, though I'm not really running from anything - more like trying to move with the times. At least a little.

I feel like, sometime recently, things have started to change for me. I got a call this morning for a new job (Student Representative), I'm giving up my old job (Orientation Team Mentor), I'm taking choir and dance classes again (that I've missed since I finished colorguard), I'm trying out for the higher choir AND the musical in November... I'm actually doing things, and it's just really exciting.

I hope I don't do too much and overwork myself, but I think I'll be fine. I'm really looking forward to this next year at UTD. =D

But now, I need to get to sleep before my last orientation as an OTM. Orientation tomorrow and the next day, then a work day, then three days and two nights at Comet Camp, Success Camp, and then school starts! I've got one normal day of classes, and then I start my job as a Student Representative.

I'm almost too wired to sleep, but I will sleep anyways. Okay, bed. Now. Or at least really really soon.